Revolutionaries Don’t Fall From the Sky

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February 23, 2011 by Crystal Tennille Irby

The voice of Ossie Davis
Film faded pictures
Background credits roll
I wonder…
What mother was this?
What faith and prayers made love
Creating a “sphinx/a needed knight”
Whose honor and morality I pray for in my mate
What widowed woman was this?
Racism conquered her sanity
Made mother’s bond broken/distant memory
Yet held long enough
Laid just enough foundation
For a future revolutionary’s playground
I pray,
I’ll hold a little lioness in my hands
With the arms of a man
Who feels 10ft tall
Though I wasn’t born fairytale little girl
Who had wedding planned by 12
I pray my womanhood/my marriage/my motherhood
Is the womb of revolutionaries
Set their eyes on freedom early on
Shake shackles off
Don’t buy
Families/2.5 children/no grandmother near
Should be white picket fenced in
Because revolutionaries aren’t quite sure
What fences are for
Whether they keep children safe
Or grow up guarded
Afraid to engage the world
As they must to change it

With frustrated breath
Await the Changemakers
As if they will descend from heaven
With an ultra white light
Beaming upon an anointed head
Though they are a gift from God
Revolutionaries don’t fall from the sky
They’ll come from me
Just as they came from Louise Little/Septima Clark/Dorothy Brown
Pushing them into the world
Praying that violence and fear are absent
On the day their courage is tested
The price of fight/freedom
Won’t be martyrs
Death will come late…wait
For them to see the fruit of their fight
Praying these daughters and sons
Will find the ink
To un-mute the voices
Of women/mothers
Who gave/give birth?
To freedom/equality
Yet remain
Hidden in corners/behind men/between lines
Bearing children
As their only proof of existence


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