If We Are of Christ…


April 26, 2011 by Crystal Tennille Irby

Whatever debt we incurred
He already paid it
Son for Salvation
We owe
Yes, we quote scripture well
But the devil knows the Bible too
We owe more
We must search our testimonies
Be willing to walk in the valleys
Where the shadow of death once chased us
Fearing no evil
We the redeemed
Must rise
From under the covers of comfort
Unpack our compassion
Put a hymn in our hearts
Praise in our pockets
And tithe our time
We owe more
Than being the every Sunday service Christian
With Satan in our back pocket
Chiseling the word of God to the shape of our shortcomings
Who worship only to get praise
Pray only to be blessed
Exploit grace and mercy
Waiting to reap a return we are too blissfully lazy to sow
Our sacrifices make their way off the altar
Back into the world
Because to the pain is too immense
Crucifying Christ everyday with ease
What is a public Christian with no private conviction
What worth is a soldier unwilling to take the battlefield
Afraid to chink their armor
Scared of scars
If your defense bars
Are rising due to the potency of these prose
I’m not calling you out
I’m calling us up
Our Bibles/our shields should be battle torn
From being battle tested
Christ called/commissioned
Our salvation beyond the sanctuary
Taking our Christless cross to the streets
We walk in the footprints of Christ
We walk in spirit and in truth
We walk with the whole of armor God guarding our souls
Planting the seeds of the fruits of the spirit
Fertilized with the word of God
Manifesting freedom fighters
With the fire of the Holy Ghost shut up in our bones
With the faith of Meshach, Shadrack, and Abednego in our hearts
Knowing the power of God
Can raise anyone from the dead
Out of drug addiction/poverty/abuse
Slow soft soul killers
Allowing them too sit among the redeemed
If we are of Christ
We do not rest
When our streets are flooded with blood of young men
When women way too young plan for parenthood
When our communities are infected with AIDS
Injected with rage
We do not rest
We press
Towards the mark of a high calling
When rape is silenced/suffocated by fear
When voices are choked
Children have no hope
When they do not dream
We seek to redeem
Shouted it from the mountaintop
If you can’t fly, run
If you can’t run, walk
If you can’t walk, crawl
But by all means Keep – On- Moving
If you can’t walk, crawl
But by all means Keep – On- Moving


One thought on “If We Are of Christ…

  1. April Burton says:

    I am loving every word of this one!

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Words I Live By

"If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl, but by all means KEEP MOVING!" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Revolutionary/Dream Creator/American Patriot)

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