I Am

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i am…

adjectives before nouns/

completely my poems

at times lady in brown

“half notes scattered without rhythm/no tune”

at all times i am in process

attempting to edit space between the dichotomy

always woman forever girl

poet in pumps…

I am homemade with tough heart mixed with single mother

I am too much/not enough/lover of lowercase letters, shoes, windows, fresh air, words

I am artist-activist/Bible Belt Black girl/fire/fighter/believer/faithful/fearful/feminist/dream seeker/dream keeper

I am pen put to paper in darkest hour where praise shines brighest

I am unfinished…


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Words I Live By

"If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl, but by all means KEEP MOVING!" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Revolutionary/Dream Creator/American Patriot)

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